2009 36th Annual Windy Ryon Memorial Roping

18 05 2009

May 18, 2009

36th Annual Windy Ryon Memorial Roping

It’s that time again Windy Ryon starts Friday morning May 22nd and goes through Sun. May 24th. They have put together another Memorial Day weekend full of fun. I have listed the upcoming events,day and times for the weekend and have included the 1st place winners for 2008. Come out enjoy the fun bring the family and have a good time watching one of the ropings, shopping or just grab a bite to eat.

Events/2008 Winners

Womens Team Roping Fri. May 22nd at 9:30am 2008 Winner Laura Coe/Diana Lewis

Open Team Roping Fri. May 22nd 1pm 2008 Winner Tommy Edens/Martin Lucero

Invitational Breakaway Roping Sat. May 23rd 9:30am 2008 Winner Lari Dee Guy

Invitational Calf Roping Sat. May 23rd 1pm 2008 Winner Michael Akins

Senior Steer Roping Sun. May 24th 8am  2008 Winner Wade Lewis

Invitational Steer Roping Sun. May 24th 1pm 2008 Winner Cash Myers

Double Muggin Sun. May 24th after the invitational steer roping 2008 Winner B&S Ranch Jim Shafer/Chance Shafer

Concert Phil Wallace, Scott Copeland,281 South on Fri. May 22nd after the Open Team Roping


2009 Western Heritage Classic Abilene, Texas

11 05 2009

 5/11/09-  25th Anniversary Western Heritage Classic Cowboy Gathering Abilene, Texas

The Western Heritage Classic is held in Abilene, Texas at the Expo Center of Taylor County. The Western Heritage Classic events were May 7 through May 9. The Ranch Rodeo is just one of the events that makes this gathering special.  If you don’t like rodeo or just need something to do before it starts there is Working Ranch Horse Competition, Parade/Street Dance, Chuck wagon Cook-Off, Fiddlers Contest, Western Art Show, Cowboy Poetry & Music, Cowboy Matched Horse Races, Bit’s & Spur’s Show, Rhinestone Round Up, Concerts & Dances, Children’s Events, Clinics & Demonstrations, Ranch Cutting Horse Association Competition & the Ranch Horse Sale. OK, now that you know just a little about the Western Heritage let me get to the results. If you make it next year you won’t be disappointed. Contact me for any questions or if you would like a specific result for 2009. I can also give you directions or more information for 2010.


Ranch Rodeo Winners

1st Place– 6666 Ranches Guthrie, Texas

2nd Place– Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. Arthur, Nebraska

3rd Place– Spade Ranches Lubbock, Texas

4th Place– Green Land & Cattle Co. Albany, Texas

Top Hand– Sage Haythorn

All-Around Horse– Roany who was Ridden by Tate Bennet, Green Ranch


2009 Top Selling Horse

Tens Double Ought $19,500 

2000 Buckskin Gelding  Consigning Ranch Milliron L Ranch


8 05 2009


Fort Worth = Boots

6 05 2009

I have noticed that many people around Fort Worth own boots. My question is does everybody in and around Fort Worth have at least one pair of boots? Maybe the dress boots for going out or a pair of Justin Ropers to work in. They might have a pair in the closet that haven’t been out since they bought them. I myself have three pair of high tops for riding that I wear everywhere I go. I have obtained them over the last five years from Mercedes Boots near Downtown and Fincher’s in the stockyards. It takes time to pick out the perfect pair of boots that will last for years to come. I use them riding and working the ranch, but with Fort Worth changing so rapidly I wonder. Does every person in Fort Worth own one pair of boots? If they don’t then the question is why not?

Swine Flu

6 05 2009

The feared Swine Flu comes and goes with minimal effect on economy. The main issues with the so called pandemic is the fact that everyone was being over cautious. The Fort Worth ISD for instance closed down for over a week. But for the most part there were no major effects. Thank Goodness!

Dragging Calves from a Horse

6 05 2009
Get a hold of him boys

Get a hold of him boys

You need to trot out of the pen with a calf and slow to a walk as the calf nears the flankers?

Branding Calves

5 05 2009
We need a Hot iron

We need a Hot iron


What is the best way to work calves drag to fire or work a calf table? Do you band the bull calves or cut them with a knife?